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Sept. 16, 2004

Kurt Angle couldn’t contain himself.

After an emotional plea in which he forgave Big Show for throwing him off a ledge and breaking his leg nearly five months ago, the Olympic Champion then gleefully watched Show sign a contract to face Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy.

Angle and henchman Luther Reigns were so happy they hugged and then blindsided Latino Heat to cap their celebration over seemingly avoiding Show’s wrath on Oct. 3 at Continental Airlines Arena.

Not so fast, fellows.

Show had a sudden change of heart after watching Angle’s antics. The 7-foot, 500-pounder immediately took back the Guerrero contract from SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long and ripped it up. And then, to the delight of the fans in Spokane, WA., he signed the contract to face Angle.

All four of the Superstars then came to blows before Long halted the melee and announced Angle and Reigns would battle Show and Guerrero next week in tag team action. Show’s contract signing highlighted a wild night full of surprises and unexpected returns on SmackDown!
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Also, there will be a fifth and deciding match between John Cena and Booker T for the United States Championship. Cena, trailing 2 to 1 in the best-of-five series, tied things up with a gutsy victory to open SmackDown!
56l 300 Exclusive backstage Video: 56l 300

Cena and Booker T will square off one last time at No Mercy with the championship on the line.

Meanwhile, John Bradshaw Layfield came to SmackDown! with an intriguing plan in place. The WWE Champion decided to call out Undertaker, the man he will face at No Mercy in a Last Ride Match.

His plan looked to be backfiring when Taker obliged by entering the ring and unleashing a pounding on JBL. But JBL had some unexpected help when Gangrel and Viscera, former members of Undertaker’s Ministry, appeared, and along with JBL Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan, quadruple-teamed the Phenom.

Taker would eventually fight back before JBL sent him down for the count with a Clothesline from Hell. Not only did the wild altercation add even more intrigue to No Mercy, it prompted Long to put Viscera and Gangrel in a handicap match with Taker next week on SmackDown! Video: 56l 300

There was another unexpected return when Rico interfered on the behalf of old partner Charlie Haas during his match with Spike Dudley. Video: 56l 300

Billy Kidman had a brief interview with Michael Cole during SmackDown! He explained his reluctance to perform the Shooting Star Press stems from a fear of hurting any more Superstars. Remember, the move injured Chavo Guerrero just three weeks ago.

Paul London, Kidman’s tag team partner, then confronted Kidman, citing his actions as the reason for them losing the WWE Tag Team Championship last week to Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree. London even slapped Kidman in the face, only to watch him leave the ring without saying another word.
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If that wasn’t strange enough, Heidenreich finally got his hands on Cole, abducting him during the show and taking him to the lockerroom. It turns out the unstable Superstar didn’t want to hurt Cole at all, but merely share some of his poetry with the SmackDown! announcer. Video: 56l 300

John Cena defeats Booker T
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio def. The Dudleys
Tag Team Champions Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree def. FBI (non-title match)
Charlie Haas def. Spike Dudley via disqualification


The October issue of SmackDown! Magazine takes a look at how Kurt Angle fought through injuries to stalk down his destiny.

Also, a look at some of the more unique characters in WWE history.

Paul Sacco ("Dad")

Paul's early appearances on the show were priceless. It's a shame that he moved on to a movie career. We all miss you, Paul!

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.

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